Apple’s iPhone Upgrade Program Gets More and More Convenient | Six Colors

Dan Moren on Six Colors:

Yesterday, Apple rolled out the ability to go through the pre-approval process for your loan in the Apple Store app, making it simpler for customers to choose the model they want and get all the upgrade program paperwork squared away ahead of time. That way we can blearily wake up in the middle of the night on Friday and stab at our phone to order a new one like everybody else.

The process of upgrading your iPhone has been a painful one. Even Apple didn’t get it right at first, and from Dan’s article, it’s not perfect yet.

There are still some limitations: for example, you can’t currently get pre-approved for a brand new loan. If you want to start the iPhone Upgrade Program this year with an iPhone X, you can do it, but you’re going to have to select the upgrade program as a payment option when you go to check out

I’m with T-Mobile and while they’ve been doing the yearly upgrade program for a couple years, I’ve had countless problems with it. They’ve accidentally created phone lines, added me to unwanted plans, and the worst was when I had to send back the new phone I’d been given because it was the wrong one for the plan I was on.

While a change in phone is not in my plans this year, I might end up switching to the Apple iPhone Upgrade Program next year. It would seem to be the best of the not-so-great options.