Rebuilding | Several People Are Coding

Mina Markham on Several People Are Coding:

In August, we released a major redesign of, and we want to give you a peek behind-the-scenes. Rebuilding our marketing website was a massive project that took careful coordination across a variety of teams, departments, and agencies.

We implemented a redesign while overhauling all the under-the-hood code. Our aim was to address a few goals at the same time: deliver a consistent rebranded experience while tackling critical improvements to site architecture, code modularity, and overall performance and accessibility.

This is one of those amazing posts that reminds me how much I still need to learn. You can tell that alongside Mina, there are many smart people working on

There’s lots of awesome stuff to glean from this post, but my favorite being that as I’ve said before, CSS Grid is ready for primetime.