The Best Music Streaming Service | The Sweet Setup

Tyler Hayes on The Sweet Setup:

Apple Music is currently the best option available for an on-demand streaming music service. This service has continued to build a rich feature set, attract a healthy amount of users, and continually has an extensive catalog of music that has a history of including exclusives not available anywhere else.

I’ve been using Apple Music since 2015 and I’ve been very happy. I think the Apple-curated playlists are really great and constantly help me find great new music.

I have only two major gripes with the service:

  1. iTunes is clunky.
    I agree with Tyler. iTunes needs a redesign that makes using Apple Music on the Mac easier. I’d love a stand-alone app, but I don’t see that happening. I do see the benefits of having all media in one place, but the UI needs to be clearer.

  2. No Easy Way to Filter out Explicit Music
    I don’t like music with swear words. Apple Music doesn’t make this easy. Even if I do the Apple recommended way, suggested playlists and algorithm-created playlists still have explicit music. I just want a flag I can select that tells Apple Music to always play me the clean version, and don’t play at all if there isn’t one.

All things considered, after using both Spotify and Apple Music, I agree with the pick.